New Clash book just in time for the holidays

Posted: November 25, 2008 by ginavivinetto in books, Gina Vivinetto, music
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By Gina Vivinetto

Just in time for the holidays, aging punk rockers (and newbies who wanna know) can buy each other this big, fat coffee table book about The Clash, pioneers of British punk rock and one of the most intelligent, socially conscious bands of all time. Not to mention a band unparalleled in its musical adventurousness. Reggae beats? Dub? British white boys rapping? Why the hell not?


The best part is the tome was put together by the band itself – which is a marvel considering ol’ dead Joe Strummer ascended to heaven in ’02.

The book includes tons of images from the official Clash archives like tour posters, never-before-seen photos, and artwork. The band’s history is told by the members themselves in a collection of interviews. And yes, Strummer’s voice is all over it. It would not be a Clash book without him.

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  2. bla2222 says:

    The had a blurb about it in Entertainment Weekly. I enjoyed the Westway documentary and still enjoy many of the albums but I’m not big into buying these kinds of books.

  3. Deborah Frost says:

    Is there a LAW that says coffeetable books have to be as big (if not bigger) than a coffeetable itself?

    Actually, if publishers were really smart they should sell coffeetable books that actually ARE coffeetables! That way, they can charge the same price they do for furniture!! Oh, wait, they already basically do…

    I KNEW there was a perfectly good reason not to buy coffeetable books. On the other hand, they could be useful for people who prefer not to go to a gym but still entertain the idea of doing some occasional heavy lifting.

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