Today’s fake band names

Posted: November 26, 2008 by ginavivinetto in Deborah Frost, music

By Deborah Frost


* Shiva for Snowy

Now you add more.

  1. Dan Aloi says:

    Detroit Bailout City.

  2. Deborah Frost says:

    Female Llama Bath Surprise

    (and I will give a special award to anyone who knows from whence that is derived)

  3. Deborah Frost says:

    Maybe we should have a feature for Today’s REAL (and somewhat unfortunate) BAND NAMES.

    Here’s one that just grabbed me on MySpace:

    The Havingas

    Kind of a bad smell to it.

  4. Stephanie Koppel says:

    The Hives..

    Pork Sirens.

  5. Deborah Frost says:

    Faster, Tina Brown, Kill, Kill!

    (ok I made that one up)

  6. Deborah Frost says:

    Today’s REAL bad name:

    Menstruating Cunt

    They appear to be of the metal persuasion.

  7. Deborah Frost says:

    Dork Magnet.

    True or False?

  8. Deborah Frost says:

    Today’s Unfortunate Band Name Inspired by News Item:

    Bettie Page In A Coma

    though it might scan better as:


    and the first single or er download off their forthcoming obvious hit:

    a cover of InAGaddaDaVida

    Yeah, Baby!

  9. Deborah Frost says:

    On an almost completely unrelated note:


    That might be the band I form (it could also serve as a UN Peace Mission and/ or Reality TV Show, depending upon what is blowin’ in the wind in the next 30 seconds) between housewives from Borough Park and Saudi Arabia.

    If it is a TV show, Sarah Silverman should definitely star and maybe Sarah Palin, hot off her star turn as VicePresidential candidate/Tina Fey role model/all-purpose turkey baster (how WILL this most surreal blip in American history go down– SERIOUSLY?) Will future generations of feminist grad students be furiously deconstructing dissertations based on the greatest mass delusion since Jim Jones’ Kool Aid eperiment for milennia ad infinitum? Will there even BE generations of grad students pondering such idiocy when NO ONE other than George W. Bush’s grandchildren (and a select assortment of cronies) will have 5 cents never mind the $50,000 dollars it will probably cost NEXT year for private college tuition?

    But if it IS a TV show, Bette Midler should certainly stop by for a cameo.
    As should Oprah, Roseanne, Ofra Haza, Liza Minnelli, anyone who’s ever hosted the View, Regis Philbin and Joni Mitchell. At least one episode should be filmed on a family cruise with Rosie O’Donnell (IF she can play nice). That will also provide a wonderful opportunity to introduce the Saudi contingent to the concept of Gilligan’s Island. The end will wind up with a very cheery singalong, some crazy ass dance moves– you know,you know, very Rockettes-meet Michael Jackson– and rear curtain raising finale vaguely redolent of Queen for A Day when several entire third world nations are invited to take home all of the surplus dishwashers, Thomas the Tank accessories, Goth Barbies and Mercedes Benz no one in America seems to want, much less need, anymore.

  10. Below is the actual calendar of coming events for a club in Germany.
    I bet no one in town can wait til they have Diarrhoea!

    Klex Metal’s Calendar ( View All )

    Dec 26 2008 8:00P
    Vikingnight mit Nidhögg,Strydegor und Spectral @ Juz Klex
    Jan 3 2009 8:00P
    The Destiny Program, Blood Spencer & Lower Hell @ JUZ Klex
    Jan 31 2009 8:00P
    Demogorgon(PL), Obscure Mortuary, Persophone, Skady & Diarrhoea @ JUZ Klex
    Feb 7 2009 8:00P
    Master (USA/Cz), Nightmare Visions (Uk), Castrofate (USA), Speedtheory (Uk) & FE @ JUZ Klex
    Mar 7 2009 8:00P
    Waco Jesus (USA), Insurrection (Swe) & 2 more





    Metal Atrocity

    Tangerine Flake Kandy Koat Atrocity

    Wonderbar Atrocity

    Backflip Sideshow

    IceSkate in A Coma

    Bettie Page Biathlon Candy Color Gee Whiz Cadillac Dream with Whips & Cherry

    (Though that last one might be kinda hard to fit on a marquee)



    Miasma Isthmus

    Isthmus Chiasma Miasmus


    Cold Porridge

    Funky Donutz & Spam


    Rural Route Delivery (a Cowboy Hat act, of course)

    Any More Questions?


    I haven’t said that one already, have I?


    The Vomits

  15. Scallion Breath & Female Drama

    (an acoustic duo with dreadlocks & nose rings who are basically an Ani DiFranco tribute band)

  16. Null ‘N’ Void

    (homage to W. Axl Rose)

  17. Today’s Real Band Name:


    (German Motorhead cover outfit)

  18. james says:

    The Fake Orgasms,coming to a town near you on the upcoming tour.

  19. Today’s Real (and VERY bad) band name:


    (though it may mean something different in Bulgaria, or wherever they’re from- let’s hope, for their sake, anyway).

  20. Genuine Motorhead Tribute Bands may be worthy of an entire Real Bad Name Category of their own.

    From Switzerland, will you please give it up for Ass of Spades!

  21. Deborh Frost says:

    Untrained Seals

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