Flaming Lips celebrate ‘Christmas on Mars’

Posted: November 28, 2008 by Carrie Waite in art, Carrie Waite, film, music
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By Carrie Waite

Every Thanksgiving, after we gorge ourselves silly on turkey (or Tofurkey) and pumpkin pie and make our way to the bottom of the mashed potato mountain, we sit around and watch Christmas movies. Usually it’s Ralphie.

Sometimes it’s Rudolph and Hermie. Once in a while we’ll go with a more adult themed flic like Badder Santa (only the unrated version will do).  

But this year, we now have the ultimate Christmas movie for music nerds. It’s finally here. That movie you’ve been waiting for just like you waited for Return of the Jedi  when you were a kid. The Flaming Lips have released Christmas on Mars. And it’s freaking awesome. What else can I say? There’s a living space station partially made out of Cool Whip containers, super aliens and babies incubating outside of their mother’s wombs. And speaking of mothers…there’s quite the symbolic display of female body parts in there too. 

It does get a little gross once in a while, but it is really quite amazing for being filmed in Wayne Coyne’s back yard. The soundtrack’ll give you the best addition to your holiday mix tape, since the children singing from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Go play the game if you haven’t gotten your copy of the Mega Deluxe Edition yet.

(from the Christmas on Mars Message Board )

Nov 22, 2008 / Joel
“That is really, really aggitating that I might have to wait another 30 DAYS!!!!! Every day since it was suposed to have been shipped has been the longest day of my life. And knowing that I might not have it for another month is just the worst feeling ever……..”

Don’t end up like a Joel. Order yours now!

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