The Vatican forgives John Lennon

Posted: November 30, 2008 by ginavivinetto in Gina Vivinetto, music
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By Gina Vivinetto

I’m sure Beatles fans everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when the Vatican announced recently that it had forgiven John Lennon for saying 40 years ago that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ.

What a crock-of-shit media spin that was.


Lennon said in the spring of 1966 what many ordinary people say regularly nowadays: Jesus was all right, but his followers are a drag.

Here’s the exact quote:

“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. We’re more popular than Jesus now – I don’t know which will go first, rock and roll or Christianity. Jesus was alright, but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

But of course, idiotic journalists spun it to suit their needs and make a huge controversy out of it.

Here’s a not-quite-contrite Lennon a few months later explaining what he meant by the comment:

Lennon’s Jesus comment was also a critique of young people around the world putting more emphasis on the words of John Lennon than they did the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Now, the Roman Catholic Church, in its latest effort to appear less stodgy, has “forgiven” him, which is ironic because John Lennon’s music has done more to promote the ideas of universal peace, harmony, and love in the past 40 years than the church has done in its history.

  1. Deborah Frost says:

    John Lennon didn’t have to wait as long as the Holocaust. Isn’t he lucky.

  2. Kevin Croitz says:

    Who will forgive the church for its abuses of young men, its rape of the new world, the inquistions, the crusades, its cowardly ignoring of the holocaust, its treatment of Jews, who will forgive them? Perhaps Jesus will forgive them, after a lengthy purgatory stay.

  3. Deborah Frost says:

    But they do have some nice ceilings. And statues.

  4. Good post, Gina Momeena. I think it’s funny how formal Catholicism cnn be and how oblivious too. It took them longer to recongize the atrocities of the Holocaust than to “forgive” John Lennon. I always preferred when the Southern Baptist took on the fundamentalist freak cause and the Pope bowed out of issues, walking and whistling by. It’s a love-hate thing for me, how the Roman Catholic Church, the church I grew up with, is like a giant bureaucracy with rules so ridiculous and unwieldy that no one follows them and everyone gets away with being a total slacker. But best of all are the saints. The saint stories are awesome, in the truest sense of the word, and will always keep me a bit Catholic. Take, for instance, St. Catherine and Cecelia — that’s some punk rock shit!

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