‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart to play Joan Jett

Posted: December 6, 2008 by ginavivinetto in film, music, Stephanie Koppel
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By Stephanie Koppel

A few days ago, I had absolutely no interest in seeing a film about teenage vampires, but as soon as I heard that the film’s star, Kristen Stewart, had been cast as Joan Jett in the upcoming Runaways biopic, I knew I needed to see Twilight.


Stewart’s overall performance wasn’t terrible, but there was one scene at the end where she is stammering and I watched — I watched painfully. The Twilight producers wanted me to cry tears of sorrow here, but I nearly cried tears of laughter. And then I got a little scared — and not because of the creepy blood-sucking stuff. I asked myself: could I ever envision this girl playing the toughest chick in rock ‘n roll? (Let’s review Stewart’s recent appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman).

But then I realized, avid Runaways fans like myself are going to be Stewart’s toughest critics. Even if she’s handled by the most astute stylists — who will replicate Joan’s signature leather getup — and treated by skilled make up artists, who will bury her in eyeliner, we will probably never be satisfied. Even if Stewart becomes our Joan, we’re still going to critique her voice, her swagger and her guitar playing; we’ll probably even dissect her scowl.

In any case, Twilight is an enormous hit; it raked in nearly $70 million in its opening weekend, and as a result, Stewart has gained a huge teen fan base. Almost all of the Twilight fans I interviewed had no idea who Joan Jett was (and the few that did had never heard of The Runaways), yet nearly every single one of them told me they would see The Runaways just because of Stewart’s involvement in it. They are so Kristen-crazy that they’d also run to buy her album if she decided to release one. But this promising legion of Stewart fans may be completely shut out if The Runaways receives an R rating (and sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll have never really been PG).


The Runaways will be directed by famed music video director Floria Sigismondi and executive produced by Joan Jett and Kenny Laguna. Reportedly the filmmakers have secured the music rights. This makes me wonder: will Kristen and the other Runaways actresses lip synch or will they try their hardest to nail “Cherry Bomb”?

“I’d prefer lipsyching so the real Runaways music can be heard and enjoyed by the masses,” said one long-time Runaways fan. The majority of Runaways fans seem to be hoping for the Milli Vanilli route, whereas Kristen Stewart’s fans, unsurprisingly, want to hear her sing in the movie.

Hopefully The Runaways will turn out to be an exciting and accurate account of one of my all-time favorite bands. And since Joan is in the producer’s chair, I know I won’t be disappointed.

So who do you think should round out the rest of Runaways? Which actress do you think is worthy of squeezing into Cherie Currie’s corset?

  1. ginavivinetto says:

    I know who can play Cherie Currie!
    Cherie Currie!
    She still looks like a kid and she’s been known to do a bit of acting.
    I bet she can learn the lyrics to all the songs and sing them herself!
    No need for lip-synching.

  2. Deborah Frost says:

    Saffron Burrows–if you’ve seen Amy Redford/Amos Poe’s brilliant THE GUITAR(which everyone must get the INSTANT it comes out on DVD) can probably pull off anything as can Julianne Moore (also see SAVAGE GRACE) EXCEPT unfortunately, 15.

    Meryl Streep has two very talented daughters. Sign them up now.

    Or the chick from Juno, Ellen Page, might be a contender.

  3. Deborah Frost says:

    CHERIE– come in, PLEASE– I don’t care that the hour is still ungodly on YOUR coast–


    By the way, Gina, what is with this clock on this here bitch blog? I don’t know where the hell it is 4 pm (certainly not in Washington DC unless Bush slipped in a new time zone along with his latest bailout nonsense–speaking of which- I want MY bailout and I want it NOW!!!) But it is 11:47 a.m. as I report from NYC. Over and out.

    Here’s to you, Jane…

    Or Barbra…

  4. Deborah Frost says:

    I don’t know about Joan in a chair, Steph, but those white space boots (never mind the track suit– what effect they were aiming for here– with Joan and Cherie looking like they’re heading for the starting line of a windsprint contest on the moon with Major Tom?) may be one of the biggest fashion faux pas of her ENTIRE career. Then again, compared to Aretha–
    well, who’s counting?

  5. Deborah Frost says:

    And this is your Lita on McDonald’s…

  6. Gus says:

    Hi Steph!
    Cool article! Your point about Kristen’s fans preferring to hear her sing rather than having her lip synch is a good one!
    I hadn’t thought about that! I wonder what decision will be made about that.
    I vote for precision lip synching!

    I hope, who ever lands the Cherie role, it’s announced soon.
    The suspence is killing me!

  7. Deborah Frost says:

    Suspence kills me, too.

  8. Deborah Frost says:

    Meanwhile, I want to be BURIED IN EYELINER!

    Maybe I should just get out of my bathrobe.

  9. Stephanie Koppel says:

    These comments are crackin me up, dude.

  10. Gregg says:

    Who should play Cherie Currie? Hmmm…Tina Lukather….lets just say it’s in her genes.

  11. Joshua says:

    Obviously Lita Ford = Jessica Simpson.


  12. I’m happy to say this movie was written from my book and I am a part of it. Of course you hope and pray the producers, director have the same vision. Me and Joan can only hope.
    This is a great gift if it’s doneright.

  13. Joanie says:

    …..well, PG-13 should allow enough room to at least allude to all the antics ….an R rating…tough to get the tweeners…and their music downloading dollars….personally I would love to see “Cherry Bomb” go to the top of the charts as a result of this movie…my daughter wanting to sing this at the 6th grade parochial school talent show and the conversation that her wish to do this instigated …priceless…why Joan flashes her middle finger during Crimson and Clover…another notable chat….kids are going to respond very well to this movie and it’s an excellent story for them as well…..I drew the line after she buried her eyes in black eye liner for her dance recital (she was 11)…got the pictures to prove this….signed her up for make up lessons…JJ has been replaced by Taylor Swift….all this to back up my point…these little girls are going to eat up this movie…and every bit of merchandising that come there way…..all those Runaways dog tags…a nice gimmick would be to give them out with the movie tickets…I want to see this movie do well…..very nice article Steph!!! very well done.

  14. Jimmy says:

    I vote for lip synch!

    And who to play Cherie? That will be a tricky one. Am I glad I’m not to pick the actors! It must be sheer hell to find anyone who can “do” The Runaways in a convincing way-

  15. Joanie says:

    I just hope there will be merchandising….Twighlight has the best little table of goodies right at the door in Borders…interesting t-shirts and jewelry…there could be a dvd and Cherie’s book…a coffee table book of photography…..that’s what I’d like to have…a coffee table book.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Darn, I agree! I lent my copy of “Neon Agels” to somebody, and never got it back! And I tell you, it’s easier to find a hen with teeth in Europe than Runaways related items!

  17. Stevo Alexander says:

    Tina Lukather should definitely play her crazy Aunt Cherrie…..she has seen her carziness first hand many times and Im sure would be able to capture it with ease…..not to mention she has a great voice

  18. coffee says:

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