Krautrock pioneers Kraftwerk in the news

Posted: January 7, 2009 by ginavivinetto in Gina Vivinetto, music
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By Gina Vivinetto

Krautrock superstars Kraftwerk are in the news a lot this week. Billboard reports that the band has accepted the opening slot on Radiohead’s spring tour of Latin America.



What a great bill that is for fans of songs about the technology, computers, robots and um, loving technology, computers, and robots. Except, in my opinion, it should be called a double bill because Kraftwerk is too important to be called anyone’s “support.”



Alas, Kraftwerk has probably sold a tiny fraction of the albums Thom Yorke and company have despite the fact that they’ve been around twice as long and have influenced countless rock and electronica musicians.

In other Kraftwerk news, according to the band’s official web site, founding member Florian Schneider, has left the group.

This leaves only one original member remaining in the band, Ralf Hutter. Geez, that will really change the live show. (I’m just kidding, because they all stand motionless behind behemoth keyboards and pretty much look identical).

Have you seen Kraftwerk live? Radiohead? Does this sound like double-bill heaven to you? Do robots go to heaven?

  1. music4videos says:

    Pretty sad that Florian is finally leaving the band, I hope they continue to produce cool electronic avantgarde music and they sure are at the level of Radiohead, actually I think that Radiohead maybe is at th level of Kraftwerk, they did innovation, Radiohead doesn’t much of that … I’ve posted some video of a Kraftwerk concert on my blog you may visit if you like. Kraftwerk rocks!

  2. donna schindler says:

    Radiohead sucks and they are will not be listened to in ten years. Kraftwerk is classic music that will be heard for generations to come.

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