No Doubt hit the beach, er, bleach

Posted: May 3, 2009 by ginavivinetto in Gina Vivinetto, music
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By Gina Vivinetto

No Doubt performed live on the Today show yesterday. Here are links to the performance: “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs” and “It’s My Life.”

They sounded okay, not great, but that’s got a lot to do with the horrible mix. And, yes, Gwen forgot lyrics. Damn. As a singer, I can say: it happens to the best of us.

The band was especially bleached three of the with all four No Doubters sporting peroxide blonde hair and Gwen clad in what looks to be my junior high New Wave boyfriend Tom‘s bleached trousers. Noted: Ms. Stefani wore her signature 1990s hair knots, signifying she is back in full-on band mode. As opposed to solo mode, which would entail her bringing along the Harujuku Girls.

In fact, everything about Gwen reeked of her No Doubt days — the clothes, the moves — except for the fact that fame and fortune have made her emaciated. Somebody wanna get Ms. Stefani a sandwich?


Anyone going to see No Doubt on its reunion tour? I’m hoping to see them in a few weeks on my visit home to Florida. It will be my first time seeing Gwen with the band. If it’s as good as her solo show, I’m in luck.

Your thoughts?

  1. julie says:

    i’ve seen no doubt live a few times years back, once opening for U2, other times random gigs. i was not a big fan at the time (being from the punk scene myself and not thrilled w/their pop-ness) BUT i became a fan. they were AMAZING live. each time.
    gwen was climbing the rafters, the amps, all kinds of stuff. they rocked and having seen THOUSANDS of bands in my life (and being friends w/mostly musicians, famous and non), i think i am a pretty good “judge” of good gigs vs. non good gigs and they impressed me.
    granted this is prior to gwen’s solo work, they are a bit older, etc etc. but i’m sure it will be entertaining enough even if not up to par w/their younger performances.

  2. julie says:

    and YES gwen has been VERY thin for the majority of her career. i met her at a kung fu records party years ago and she has bad skin as well. i’m sure (i know) she’s had the best in the biz work on her face and skin since, so just a side comment….
    so yep, thin is IN and people LOVE her body and her thinness, i personally am NOT a fan of uber thin waif types, i think a woman should look like a woman, but the majority of the public and more so the media (that we are surrounded with, whether we want to be or not) LOVE and reward being thin. the thinner the better. it’s only when you look like you’re about to pass out and die w/your bones protruding everywhere, that they then jump on you and talk about you being “anorexic” but it’s a very fine line, because APPROACHING anorexic and the edge of it gets you nothing but praise, attention and worship.

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