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By Cherie Currie

GOD!!! I’ve been hearing of all these girls that claim they were a member of my band, The Runaways. Frankly, I don’t remember them! I will not name names, I don’t want to be cruel, but hey! In the midst of all that’s going on with the movie, all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed by us five girls: Sandy West — RIP, we love and miss you, baby, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, me, and Jackie Fox, I can’t think of a single person that deserves to carry the torch as the family that were, as Jackie puts it, “The Famous Five”.


Yes, Vicki Blue joined after Jackie left. I only did a photo session and a rehearsal or two with her. She did go on tour and was a ‘part’ of the band. Micki Steele was a part of the trio before Jackie and I were involved but there was no deal. (So glad she succeeded with The Bangles. She’s a truly gifted artist).

Frankly, I’m sick of these women, staking their claim to something that we (the original five) made happen. And if you (meaning these girls) think that I’m going to stand by idle and let you bask in the sunshine that we five worked our asses off for, you are sadly mistaken.

This movie The Runaways is based on my book. I spent years working on the new version, which the movie is based on. I refuse to let these gals walk in and claim they were or are a part of it in any way.

I’m so proud of Joan Jett and Lita Ford that they continued on in this ‘heavier then hell’ business and made a success of themselves. You are true pioneers and I love you both with all my heart.


The Runaways were five girls that kicked some major ass. We fought the male-dominated musical world against all odds. I refuse to let anyone other then us bask in glory of what was a fight like no other.

If you want to ‘stake your claim,’ you have to go through me baby… and GOOD LUCK!!!

Cherie Currie of the one and ONLY, The Runaways!

By the way, with the hope that The Runaways be graced by the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, the ORIGINAL five members should be inducted. No one else.

Cherie Currie was the lead singer of The Runaways. She’s a professional musician, actress, author, and one of the few women in America who create chainsaw art. She writes Cherie Currie’s Guide to Life because she loves you.


By Carrie Waite

Growing up as a little one in the 1970s, my father ALWAYS had a beard. Always, in some form, in some various stage of growth, he was hairy and scary. I had this photograph of him that I was slightly obsessed with because you could actually see his bare face in it. It was either a mugshot or one of those photo booth pics. Let’s go with mugshot.  And I really hated his beard. Every time he’d pick me up for one of those “Dad Weekends”, he would insist on kissing my delicate little face and it felt like sandpaper ripping my skin off. But now, I seem to surround myself with the very thing that frightened me as a little girl. Hairy scary men.

So, tonight we started talking about how all the bands that are popping up in my iPod mix freaking have beards (maybe we’ll cover the ironic mustache trend in a future post, but don’t get me started on that right now). Half the magazine covers at Borders sport a beard (either a beard or Obama this week).

Death Cab For Cutie on The Big Takeover, Fleet Foxes on Under The Radar and even Zach Braff was all sorts of fuzzy on the cover of Geek Monthly. I heard your band must have at least one bearded member to get signed to Sup Pop nowadays and the New World Brewery is like a gang, no make that a secret club for boys with beards most nights. It makes me jealous that I can’t grow one.  

I admit it.  I think beards are pretty sexy, now. Even the scraggly, unkempt ones can have a certain Grizzly Adams charm to them. What is it about the beard? Is it simply a fashion accessory? A resurgent cultural phenomenon? Just plain laziness (this one gets my vote)? Damn manly though, if you ask me.  

Perhaps it’s a sign that my beloved indie-rock has become a “mature” genre. God forbid, are we getting old? Why do all my favorite men look homeless?

Carrie’s favorite hairy bands

The Dirtbombs
Drag the River and Cory Branan
Band of Horses
TV On The Radio
Fleet Foxes
Jeff Tweedy has had some adorable ones
and some really scary ones.
Most iconic beard goes to Lemmy
Sexiest beard has to be Dave Grohl’s

Some Blogs about beards:
John McNicholas even participated in a beard contest a few years back. He still has the stinkin’ thing. It’s adorable, John. 
And I hear jojoba oil is great for when you’re finally ready to rid yourself of the hairy beast on your face and shave it off.

But don’t.

By Gina Vivinetto

Remember Dave Stewart, the wooly guitarist of The Eurthymics, the 1980s British duo that also featured Annie Lennox?


Stewart has been busying himself over the years with his solo music, studio and production work and, now, designing a custom sex toy.

According to The Sun, Stewart is the man behind a pricey new vibrator – 2000 pounds in England, which converts to…hold on…about $1,300 in the States.

Stewart, 56, has created the diamond-studded “Little Steel Tonight” vibrator. It’s made of solid steel, with a satin finish, and it’s got 28 diamonds adorning it along with the lyrics to Stewart’s new single, “Let Do It Again.”

Stewart also created a more affordable vibrator called the “Little Chroma Tonight” which retails for about $135.

Stewart, the father of four, was married to Bananarama‘s Siobahn Fahey from 1987 to 1996. He’s now married to Dutch photographer Anoushka Fisz.

Songs about women murdering men

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Our pal Lorna Bracewell, a popular musician, activist, and now blogger in the Tampa area, has written a fun blog post listing rock songs about women murdering men. It reads:

“The idea for this post was born of my accidental experiment with decaffeinated coffee a week or so ago. (You can read more about that here.) One of the completely random and wholly undeveloped thoughts that “seeped in and out of my foggy, throbbing brain” during the course of that experiment was the following: There are a lot of really good songs about women murdering men. I’ve decided to explore and defend this claim. Here’s a list of the songs I was attempting to think about and some speculation as to why I/we enjoy them so much.”

Lorna lists a few favorites: “Janie’s Got A Gun” by Aerosmith and the Dixie Chick‘s “Goodbye, Earl.”

Read the rest of Lorna’s post here and let her –or us– know what other songs about women killing the menfolk we can think of.

By Nancy Quatro Glass

I was only 15, on tour with the The Pleasure Seekers, and quite innocent to the ways of musicians.

Nancy Quatro with tambourine performing with The Pleasure Seekers, 1966

Nancy Quatro with tambourine performing with The Pleasure Seekers, 1966

Does anyone remember the band Iron Butterfly?

Iron Butterfly in the 1960s.

Iron Butterfly in the 1960s.

Picture me walking down the hotel hall to my room, all of the doors open with the smell of pot all around, and out walks the guitar player from Iron Butterfly into the hall wearing only a towel and carrying a watermelon.

He bends down to roll the watermelon down the hall to me and his towel drops. He is standing there buck naked. (That is the first time I ever saw a man’s penis).

I turned and ran the other way cause I thought it might do something scary to me!

I learned very quickly that I would see many more musicians in much the same way as they seem to want to bare all as often as possible.

Nancy Quatro Glass spent her teen years singing and playing bass in The Pleasure Sisters, a popular 1960s all-female Detroit garage rock band formed by her sisters Patti, Suzi, and Arlene. Nancy and Patti went on to form the hard rock band Cradle and are currently at work reissuing an album of Cradle’s music.

By Gina Vivinetto

If you’re in New York tonight, please consider swinging by the 3rd annual Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls auction at 6 p.m. at the Zipper Factory. Everyone’s favorite showbiz personality Murray Hill will emcee the live bidding, with proceeds going to the camp’s scholarship fund.

The show cost $50 to get in and features live performances by the always riveting Meshell Ndegeocello


and super-talented Erin McKeown:


To learn all the details, check out this flyer (Click the title of this post to expand the page):


To lear more about Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, click here.

Remember, these little girls are tomorrow’s Sweaty Bitches of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

By Cherie Currie


Now this is a subject where I feel things that jerk me from my seat, want to grab my gun and check out the newest torturer devices online. Movies like Saw and Hostel 1 and 2 start flipping through my head at lightning speed and I have to calm myself before my heart explodes. Yep, that’s me when I think of a predator. Screwdrivers, a ball peen hammer and pliers come to mind FIRST. Then the gun.

Child predators. Hell, all predators are pure EVIL and deserve the harshest of punishment. When I hear of these children gone missing, found but no longer with us, woman maimed and worse, all I can think of is how much I’d like to introduce the low-life scum that inflicted this horror to my two best friends, Smith and Wesson.

Nope. I’m not the forgiving type. No, I’m not the understanding ‘He’s sick and we should feel sorry for him’ type.

Yes, I am the vigilante type that wouldn’t blink as I ended the life of the man that hurt my child (or anyone else’s child for that matter) or loved one. I mean, I wouldn’t blink.

So, instead of hoping it wouldn’t happen, praying it doesn’t happen, I took steps with my child to make sure it would NEVER happen. The way I raised my child was with pure love and selfishness. I knew that if anything ever happened to him I wouldn’t survive. I mean NEVER and frankly, I would have to take on the Jodie Foster role in The Brave One before I met my maker.

There is nothing more gut-wrenching then the loss of a child at the hands of a motherf*cking, low-life scum bag. There isn’t a day gone by that I don’t thank the lord for not having to say, ‘How could this happen to me?”

I made sure of it, as sure as God made green apples. I made sure my son Jake knew as early as he could understand that they are out there, they are waiting and they would hurt him and bad. We can talk about Teen Sex, but if we lose them because we didn’t want to “scare” them, what’s the frigg’in point, right?! We have to keep our children ALIVE!

It’s not always the scary looking guy our kids have to fear. It’s the lollipop toters, the ice cream men, and the puppy peddlers that lure these unsuspecting innocents right from under our ignorant noses!

This is MAJOR people, as major as it gets, and, in my opinion, parents don’t give their children the credit they deserve. Kids are smart and the earlier you teach them the less affected they will be when all the other tidbits of life come marching through.

My own story:

I had my first close encounter with a scum demon when I was 10-years-old walking from the market with my girlfriend Kelly, who was 8. He pulled up to us in his VW Bug, pants-free, with evil, bad intent. I had to pull my friend away from his car as she was transfixed on the ‘thing’ between his legs that she had never seen before. He followed us as we ran home, chasing us, cutting us off at street corners. He was so calm, so unaffected by our fear. I’ll never forget his eyes. He had dead, scary, vacant eyes. Like that line in Jaws: “and when they bite you, they roll over…” Yeah, those eyes.

We called the police and the two young officers had to contain their giggles as a crying Kelly told them he had no ‘pee pee hole’. ECCHHHH! GOD! Traumatized she was, educated she wasn’t. I shouldn’t have had to drag her from the car. She should have known we were in danger. Worse yet, had I not been there: easy pick’ins like fruit from the vine.

You don’t leave a child to wander alone around a swimming pool. You gate it, lock it up, and you teach the child to swim. A no brain-er. Why is it so taboo — and some parents think cruel — to teach a child the fundamental facts of survival at a young age? Life’s not all Cinderella and Scooby Doo, people! That’s the fantasy we so wish for our children, but the truth? NOT!

Let them enjoy the cartoons and play time. But, educate them on the TRUTH. A little fear they can take! Not the horror they will face if not given the absolute facts. The boogie man is alive and well just outside the door, at in the parks, in the malls, the playgrounds. Never, I mean, NEVER leave your child alone, not even for a second. That’s all it takes, and your life, as you know it — all the hopes, the dreams — are over.

Be selfish! I had a woman tell me she thought I was a bad mother for “scaring” my child. My response was, “I’ll have my son when he’s sixteen. Will you?”

Though Jake’s school was just across the street I watched him till he got there safely and never let him go anywhere alone. I told him about the Bad People and the terrible things that could happen to him. He asked a lot of the questions. I gave him tough answers. Was he scared? Yes. That fear turned into awareness and with awareness came contentment. You do the right thing, the safe thing and you have a better chance of survival.

Give your kids a fighting chance.

I have seen it all first hand. Experienced the fear and brutality close up and personal. I survived because I was lucky. My friend David said to me today, “The past will shape us. We don’t have to let it control us”. Words to live by as long as you pay it forward and share your experience.

Killer bees, pit bulls, the West Nile virus, they all get the much-deserved headlines. They are killers, they’re out there. We tend to forget The Night Stalker, The Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy and the John Wayne Gacy‘s of the world (who dressed up like a clown to lure his victims). Believe you me, they are still out there in force with different faces, stalking, waiting, and they have their sights set on your children. And you!

If I could put people with Uzis around every school, park, community pool and Chuck E. Cheese with a banner that said, “Come On You Pedophile Rapist Punk! Make My Day!”, I would. But society won’t allow it.

Ozzie and Harriet are long gone. Sold their house to Freddy Krueger . The days of sending your child to the corner market for milk are over.

You say you don’t want them to grow up too fast? NOTHING will strip away a childhood like the hands of a predator. Don’t let it happen to your child. They will thank you for it. Jake thanks me to this day. He is observant and tactical. Best of all, he’s undamaged, he’s alive. And so am I.

Be safe! NOT stupid!
Love your child enough to scare them smart!

Cherie Currie was the lead singer of The Runaways. She’s a professional musician, actress, author, and one of the few women in America who create chainsaw art. She writes Cherie Currie’s Guide to Life because she loves you.

By Gina Vivinetto

Mark your calendars, rock ‘n’ rollers for Rockrgrl Day at the Institute of Musical Arts in Goshen, Ma. on Dec. 6.

Rockrgrl Day is an all-day symposium organized by Carla DeSantis, editor of the groundbreaking Rockrgrl magazine. It’s a day of sharing ideas and networking for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the music industry during these economically bleak times.

The event kicks off at 10:30 am with DeSantis interviewing keynote speaker Robin Lane (Robin Lane and The Chartbusters, A Woman's Voice).

The rest of the day includes the following panels:

1-2:30: Are the Glory Days of the Music Industry Behind Us?
Moderator: Ann Hackler, (IMA Executive Director). Panelists: Nini Camp (musician), Liz Borden (DJ) and Norma Coates (professor, Media Studies)

2:45-4:15: How To Make a Living In Tough Economic Times
Moderator: Emily Lichter (Public Emily management/promotion). Panelists: Brooke Primont (Cherry Lane Publishing), Kudisan Kai (vocalist/ teacher Berklee) and Kristin Bredimus (promoter/NEMO/BMA)

4:30-6:00: Tomorrow: What Will A Career In Music Look Like?
Moderator: Leah Kunkel (artist/attorney). Panelists: Beth Tallman (VP Rykodisc), June Millington (musician/producer/IMA cofounder) and Marci Cohen (music journalist).

The event costs $75 for adults, $50 for students.

For more information, or to register, go to Rockrgrl Day at IMA.

Here are links to two recent interviews with rock critic, musician, and Sweaty Bitch contributor Deborah Frost:


The first is Deborah’s spotlight interview in the “Women Who Rock” section of Life, Words, Rock ‘N’ Roll and the second is a recent chat with Blizz of Rock where Deborah’s band the Brain Surgeons were chosen as Artist of the Week!

Congrats, Deborah. We’re throwing up devil horns in your honor.

By Gina Vivinetto

“Is it harder for women in the industry in general? Definitely. I was trying to make a case for Madonna the other day, saying that she’s to be admired for her longevity in a genre that has mostly been for younger acts. Men are able to sustain a career into their 50s and 60s and still present themselves as sex symbols. With women on the other hand, people say, ‘Why doesn’t she retire?’ It’s just so unfair. So I have to give props to Madonna.”

— folk singer Tracy Chapman in The Guardian.

Amen, Tracy. This is a subject that fascinates my friends (including many gay boys) and me. Why do people say Madonna, at 50, is too old to be a pop star? Is the cut-off age different for a woman? Look at 65-year-old Mick Jagger, 67-year-old Bob Dylan, and 61-year-old Elton John. All of those guys are admired for continuing to make music and tour.

Madonna’s vilianized for it.


I once read a review (written by a man) of a No Doubt show that suggested Gwen Stefani at 35 (when this was written), was too old to sing “Just A Girl.”

Have men also determined the age when a woman can no longer identify herself as a girl?

Does it go both ways?

Should Roger Daltrey no longer sing “I’m A Boy”? He dusts of his creaky old bones every few years and tours. Should we tell him to stop? He’s 64.

This notion, that it’s embarrassing for older women to continue to perform and make music, is so ingrained in our culture. I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve heard about how “gross” Madonna is for continuing to package herself as a sex symbol now that she’s hit the big 5-0.

Which is funny, because she looks like she could be Mick Jagger’s daughter. Not that it should matter.

You got an opinion on this?

Get ready for Sweaty

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Hello and welcome. On behalf of the Sweaty Bitches of Rock ‘N’ Roll (SBORR), we thank you for choosing our fun, decidedly non-academic forum to peruse. We know you could pick any blog and you chose us. For that we say, “Mazel tov!”

We intend to have good times here. We’re also going to pitch fits, have bitch sessions, and ridicule people.

You can join in on the hijinks by leaving comments.