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Best Gay Lady Albums

By Trish Bendix

Jennifer O’Connor, Here With Me
Folk rock with the focus on her guitar, JOC sings about her relationship with her girlfriend, and even puts her on the cover. The video for the title track is adorable – also starring her girlfriend. Someone is in love.

An Horse, Rearrange Beds
Australian duo with lesbian singer Kate Cooper, AKA Sara Quin’s new favorite band. Mine too. Dare I say, like Tegan and Sara’s brand of charming indie pop but better?

Sia, Some People Have Real Problems
Another Aussie but with some ridiculous pipes. She has as much quirk in her as she does soul, which is an interesting mix, especially on songs about her leaving her BF because he was on drugs. No gay-type songs about her new love JD yet, but I’m holding out hope for 2009.

Joan as Police Woman, To Survive
Bisexual chanteuse that’s still kind of under the radar; still prefaced in every review with “dated Jeff Buckley, played behind Rufus and Antony.” Still ruling on several instruments, including the viola.

Amanda Palmer, Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Will anyone care that the Dresden Dolls broke up as long as Amanda Palmer is still making music? Highly unlikely. This album is proof that she is/was the creative mind behind the operation. (Extra points for St. Vincent cameo.)

Yo Majesty , Futuristically Speaking…
Shunda K and Jwl B are apparently on the outs right now, which is the saddest news since their debut full-length was hot. It’s nice to dance to music about making eyes at chicks without it being blatantly misogynistic.

Kaki King, Dreaming of Revenge
I’m so glad Kaki broke up with someone to write this record. Serious points to whomever inspired her to want to be “pulled out alive.” Glad she’s keeping up with the lyrics and vocals because her writing is just as pleasant as her playing.

Missy Higgins, On A Clear Night
Australia = musical mecca of totally gay women. Missy Higgins gave Grey’s Anatomy a boner, and this album was originally released a few years ago. Ahead of the times, this Aussie.

Ponytail, Ice Cream Spiritual Serious heart attack having. So good, so spastic, so refreshing. Molly Siegel owns Yoko Ono. Art rock for people who hate the term art rock.

Hercules and Love Affair, Hercules and Love Affair
My favorite song is “Athene,” sung by lesbo Kim Ann Foxman (who is, by definition a stone cold fox). The whole CD, though, is contemporary disco that is so queer, even straight people like it. They get all hypnotized by the hip electronicness of it all.

New Bloods, The Secret Life
Rumor is they are breaking up. I will not have it, because this PDX trio is punk riot grrrl modern and I am feeling it. I wanted to see them in a cage match with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and some other Disney bitch. Raven Symone?

Bound Stems, The Family Afloat
A gay lady among men in this Chicago-band, Janie Porche is so obviously a dyke when she’s singing on this record. I might be able to tell it from her instrument playing, too, but I am too busy thinking how gay she is when she’s singing a duet. More Janie, B.S.!

The Organ, Thieves EP
Fucking teases. Way to release a post-humous EP that is amazing melodramatic Smiths-esque indie rock. You’re dead to me. (Your own fault.)

Thalia Zedek, Liars and Prayers
I find Thalia kind of scary, which is why reading her lyrics makes me want to cry. Her husky voice is perfect for her guitar-playing, though, which is pretty inaccessible. She’s the antithesis of any other lesbian singer-songwriter ever.

Tracy Chapman, Our Bright Future
I don’t know all the lyrics to “Fast Car.” I am an anomaly. But I also think Tracy’s genre-mixing on Our Bright Future is interesting, even though it’s been done before. Still, she brings something to the country-tinged tracks and the Broadway-infused rhythms on the song, “I Had It All.” I didn’t hate it.


By Trish Bendix

Barack Obama has won his place in the White House, so naturally, the next topic of discussion: What music will he be Barackin’ to at his inauguration?


Beyonce and her boo Jay-Z have already been secured, and rumor has it Britster Leona Lewis will also be on hand, but what about Obama’s hometown pride? Most media outlets and blogs have nominated a handful of Chicago-based artists (those recognized in the mainstream, anyhow) and they all look very similar:

Fall Out Boy
Kanye West
Smashing Pumpkins

One thing these dudes all have in common? Well, they’re dudes. (As of press time, D’Arcy still hadn’t rejoined the Pumpkins but that could certainly change at a moment’s notice. Also, Pete Wentz still counts as a dude, I don’t care how andrgynous your tween sister says he is.)

Jennifer Hudson would be a great Chicago pick, as she wowed with the National Anthem at Barack’s request for his accepting of the democratic party’s nomination. However, family issues might be keeping her out of comission as of now, and I can understand why it might seem insensitive to say, “Hey, Jen. Care to come croon for our country?”

Obama Music

Judging from Rolling Stone’s profile of the president elect, I can conclude that he might enjoy more dude performers, generally:

“…growing up, he listened to Elton John and Earth, Wind & Fire but that Stevie Wonder was his ultimate musical hero during the 70s. The Stones` track “Gimme Shelter” topped his favorite songs from the band. His selection also contained 30 songs from Dylan.”

However, there was also a mention of having Sheryl Crow on his iPod. Sheryl Crow, not from Chicago. (Sorry, Obama.)

So if he were to stay true to Chi-Town, he’d most likely be picking a singer-songwriter with a little pop-edge to their soul, and maybe someone over the age of 30. If he really wanted to get crazy, he could choose someone not only older, wiser and with some amazing chops, but with some civil rights history of her own.

How about Mavis Staples, Barack? I urge you to consider her. Her songs echo basically echo is campaign: “Have a Little Faith,” “We’ll Never Turn Back,” “Eyes on the Prize.” Beat that, Beyonce. Just try and follow one of those songs with “Bootylicious.”


One of the original Staples Singers, Mavis recently released a statement about Obama’s election, saying, “It is so surreal, so completely overwhelming. This young black man has inspired and brought the country together. There’s something about him that makes me feel he is the chosen one. There’s something about his leadership that makes people feel calm and safe.”

Someone get Mavis on the phone. (I bet she still has a 312 area code.)

And if all else fails, Sheryl Crow was born in Missouri. That’s close enough, right?