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By Gina Vivinetto

Oh no, I just read that Ron Asheton, legendary guitarist of The Stooges, has died. Ron was 60.


Ron was found dead this morning in his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In recent years, The Stooges, which also included Ron’s brother Scott Asheton and the great Iggy Pop, had reunited and in 2007 the band released The Weirdness, a critically acclaimed album of new material.


By Nancy Quatro Glass

I was only 15, on tour with the The Pleasure Seekers, and quite innocent to the ways of musicians.

Nancy Quatro with tambourine performing with The Pleasure Seekers, 1966

Nancy Quatro with tambourine performing with The Pleasure Seekers, 1966

Does anyone remember the band Iron Butterfly?

Iron Butterfly in the 1960s.

Iron Butterfly in the 1960s.

Picture me walking down the hotel hall to my room, all of the doors open with the smell of pot all around, and out walks the guitar player from Iron Butterfly into the hall wearing only a towel and carrying a watermelon.

He bends down to roll the watermelon down the hall to me and his towel drops. He is standing there buck naked. (That is the first time I ever saw a man’s penis).

I turned and ran the other way cause I thought it might do something scary to me!

I learned very quickly that I would see many more musicians in much the same way as they seem to want to bare all as often as possible.

Nancy Quatro Glass spent her teen years singing and playing bass in The Pleasure Sisters, a popular 1960s all-female Detroit garage rock band formed by her sisters Patti, Suzi, and Arlene. Nancy and Patti went on to form the hard rock band Cradle and are currently at work reissuing an album of Cradle’s music.