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By Carrie Waite

Growing up as a little one in the 1970s, my father ALWAYS had a beard. Always, in some form, in some various stage of growth, he was hairy and scary. I had this photograph of him that I was slightly obsessed with because you could actually see his bare face in it. It was either a mugshot or one of those photo booth pics. Let’s go with mugshot.  And I really hated his beard. Every time he’d pick me up for one of those “Dad Weekends”, he would insist on kissing my delicate little face and it felt like sandpaper ripping my skin off. But now, I seem to surround myself with the very thing that frightened me as a little girl. Hairy scary men.

So, tonight we started talking about how all the bands that are popping up in my iPod mix freaking have beards (maybe we’ll cover the ironic mustache trend in a future post, but don’t get me started on that right now). Half the magazine covers at Borders sport a beard (either a beard or Obama this week).

Death Cab For Cutie on The Big Takeover, Fleet Foxes on Under The Radar and even Zach Braff was all sorts of fuzzy on the cover of Geek Monthly. I heard your band must have at least one bearded member to get signed to Sup Pop nowadays and the New World Brewery is like a gang, no make that a secret club for boys with beards most nights. It makes me jealous that I can’t grow one.  

I admit it.  I think beards are pretty sexy, now. Even the scraggly, unkempt ones can have a certain Grizzly Adams charm to them. What is it about the beard? Is it simply a fashion accessory? A resurgent cultural phenomenon? Just plain laziness (this one gets my vote)? Damn manly though, if you ask me.  

Perhaps it’s a sign that my beloved indie-rock has become a “mature” genre. God forbid, are we getting old? Why do all my favorite men look homeless?

Carrie’s favorite hairy bands

The Dirtbombs
Drag the River and Cory Branan
Band of Horses
TV On The Radio
Fleet Foxes
Jeff Tweedy has had some adorable ones
and some really scary ones.
Most iconic beard goes to Lemmy
Sexiest beard has to be Dave Grohl’s

Some Blogs about beards:
John McNicholas even participated in a beard contest a few years back. He still has the stinkin’ thing. It’s adorable, John. 
And I hear jojoba oil is great for when you’re finally ready to rid yourself of the hairy beast on your face and shave it off.

But don’t.


By Tina Federspiel

Everyone has a favorite tune that just shakes you to the core. One that moves you in a way beyond reasoning and makes you look at life from a different perspective. A song with drums that hit you in the right spot and guitar that makes you want to take up lessons immediately. It’s amazing the effect that music can have on you.

And it’s different for everyone, which is so great.

While it may be a favorite tune at the top of your list, it may be at the bottom of someone else’s. And that’s ok. That person has their own favorite tune and so on and so on.

A great tune will never leave you. It won’t cheat on you and won’t leave you stranded or feeling lonely at any time. In fact, it will find you and take you to a safe place. It’s always loyal and will make you feel better no matter what kind of mood your in. For me, it has to be a rockin’ tune. It can’t be some mamby pamby shit. A slow song is appropriate in its own time and place, of course. But it’s the rockin’ tunes that brings life back into you and give you that second wind.

One of my favorite things to do is walk around this city with my headphones in and set my iPod to a great tune. its like I’m in my own little music video and I’m walking in slow motion. I notice so much more while walking around and I find myself smiling a lot. Which makes people smile back and puts me in a good mood. Anyplace is a great place to listen to a rockin’ tune, but the best places for me –and I do turn it up way loud — are riding on the subway, driving in the car, riding in a taxicab, at the gym, walking around the city getting from A to B or walking home from a late night out. The fact that the earphones are tucked in tight makes it all the better because it blocks everything else out. Sweet.

Some of my favorites songs that stay at the top of the list over the test of time are:

1) “What Ever Happened To My Rock ‘N” Roll?” by the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
2) “Rock ‘N’ Roll Queen by The Subways
3) “I Wanna Be Adored” by The Stone Roses
4) “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” by Oasis (Notice a theme here?)
5) “New York Girls” by Morningwood
6) “No Easy Way Out” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Although I almost took this off the list when it made a cameo in the movie The Guardian. Way to let me down, boys)
7) “Life on a Chain” by Pete Yorn
8) “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult
9) “I’ll Stick Around” by Foo Fighters
10) “It’s On The Rocks” by The Donnas

Great guitar riffs. Rockin’ beats. Head banging, air drum and air guitar playing! That’s what I’m talking about.

I guess as much as I try to act like I’m an alternative girl, I’m a Rock ‘N’ Roll Sweaty Bitch at heart.